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South Korea....

is so proud of Psy, and so am I.  Look at how they embrace their now international pop star!

Links I Like

Another round of links I like lately.
Foreign languages are always interesting to me, especially when looking at how things translate. Here are the top 10 relationship words that don't have an English equivalent. Example: Ya’aburnee (Arabic): “You bury me.”  Go read what it means.  This was all over the news already, but really, faking your death before you propose?  I'd kill him.  This cancer patient story is a little long, but I found it fascinating!  Keep reading.   Know the difference between 'sure' and 'certain?'  Are you sure?  Or are you certain?  I saw Endeavour fly over the LA skies last week and so did a lot of people, who wrote some funny tweets about the shuttle.  Kal Penn, Aziz Ansari, Joel McHale, Dane Cook all had some comments.  This story is crazy - a woman finds out her late husband was actually her father.  Eeek!

Shannon, Breakfast, and Baseball

Continuing in updates from August...

Shannon came to Pasadena for the summer for a NASA internship.  She's kind of a genius.  We were rooommates back at Georgetown where she was studying international relations, but two years in, she left DC, went on a mission to Brazil, came back to BYU and started in engineering and now she's almost Dr. Shannon and she does cool stuff with NASA.  She's rad.

We had a goodbye dinner in Glendale, followed by some pancakes with Cookie Butter, because I'd never had it.  It's pretty genius, too.

Brooke modeled it for us.

Bye, Shannon (aka Shelbs!).

Aaron had a late night breakfast birthday at the Cube.  

I went for a little jog in the neighborhood and came across this tree.  Then I realized it's the place where that plane had crashed.  Sad.

I hit five years of working for my company.  Five years!  I got this nice little box in the mail.

Another thing to go on my desk.

And as part of my company loyalty, I got to pick out a gi…

Back to Disneyland

Mid August meant one thing - my cheapo Disneyland pass blackout dates were over! Time to make a trip. I rounded up some of the Mormon Mouseketeers and we headed to the OC one Monday evening.

Dole Whip - check.

Favorite ride - check.

We asked for 'jackrabbit speed.'  Myth or real?  I don't know, but it sure felt faster.

Fast pass for Star Tours - check.

Delicious chicken dinner - check.


Musical Monday

I made a smart move last week and upgraded to Spotify Premium, which means I now have any music I'd ever want, in my hands at all times.  It's nice to carry it around the house, pop it into my car, and catch up on all these tracks I've added to playlists but haven't had time to sink my ears into.

I'm kicking myself, absolutely kicking, for not getting into S. Carey's stuff earlier.  You know I'm obsessed with Bon Iver, you might not know that Sean is the drummer and that he did his own album in 2010 and an EP this year (called Hoyas!!).  I've had a few tracks downloaded, but never got around to hearing the whole album.

Late one night last week I had a listening party, and I'm kind of obsessed.  All We Grow is a gorgeous record.  This track just builds into amazingness.
If I ever meet a man who thinks this record is as splendid as I do, I just might have to marry him or something.

More August Adventures

Briggie came to town. Chego is right down the street from me, but I'd never been. I have now! And I will definitely be back again, because look at those Ooey Gooey Fries.

I had a tough time choosing what to order, and I went with the Beefy T this time.  I'll try another delicious option next time.

My legs were still peeling from my San Diego sunburn, but I'm going to take those photos out.  You can thank me later.  Instead, here's a nice photo of downtown LA.

There was some cool stuff going on at MOCA that weekend, so even though I didn't get a ticket to the sold out event (they were free), I went down there anyway to watch from a distance.  The gunpowder art by Cai Guo-Qiang is still there, and I wanted to see it up close.

I was sitting outside those MOCA gates where Ariel Pink, Zola Jesus and Active Child were going to play, and some dude had extra tickets and just gave them to us.  Woo hoo!

I really love the Active Child record and was really bummed when…