Tuesday, April 23, 2013

February Final

I went to Disneyland. I think it had been a stressful day? The park closed kinda early and I only got there a couple hours before closing.  Free parking! And a whole tram car to myself.

I hadn't been on the teacups since I was a kid, so Becca and I rode teacups.  Thankfully, I didn't throw up.

For some reason I got nostalgic about my old DC house and looked it up on Google Streetview. It's the blue one on the left. I'll be there 5 weeks, what what!  College reunion, and a trip down to North Carolina (no Duck Beach - pah-leeease) and then a few days in the Big Apple and then I'll come back to LA.  I'm excited.

Gold Fields came back around after working on their album for a year down in Oz. I saw them nearly a year ago, so I decided to check out their latest progress at their Troubadour show.

Same black hoodie, yep.

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