Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Color Run - Dodger Stadium

Don't people just enter these events for cool Facebook photos? Yeah...maybe that was a bit of a motivator, but only a little.  The race was the first Saturday in February, so despite not liking to run much, I made myself a training schedule that kept my active during all those holiday feasts. I thought that was a pretty good plan.  This was only a 5k, surely I could handle it?

I got to Dodger Stadium early to pick up my race packet, since I wasn't going to drive to Burbank during the week to do that. Plenty of time to apply tattoos, find friends, and get pumped up.

Tara made all the arrangements for us to look like a team, starting with matching headbands (that I wear upside down) and tattoos. Purple People Eaters.  Yeah.

There's Jami and Tara.

There's Becca.

The starting line itself was about a mile long, it seemed. And when waves of people are spaced out every fifteen minutes or so, it took forever to get going.

More time for photos.

I thought my little fisheye lens was great for taking group self portraits, but Tara was serious - she brought her tripod pole to hold out and capture the group.  Just wait.

Finally at the front.

And there we go....pink color station! If you want to get colored a lot, you run on the edge of the color zone, so you get sprayed up close. Keep your mouth shut!

And we're done....

Colored elbow sweat.

At the stage, everyone gathers and throws their color packets in the air all at once. It's pretty.

Are you tired of photos yet?

Here's a nice before and after comparison.

Team Purple People Eaters.

The fun continued when I got home (after I attended a picnic with complete strangers, looking like a mess. Embarrassing? Only a little. And they were all foreigners, and it was a little hard to explain why I looked like I did. Oh well).

I won't show you what happened when I took my shirt off. Let's just say it was colorful.

A few more. Would I do it again? Nah. But was it fun for a day? You bet!

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