Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Other Stuff that Happened in February

I finally went to practice the organ. Maybe I'll start playing in church on a regular basis again. Maybe. I do kind of miss it, and after playing it for an Easter program, the secret's out.

I wanted to go for a hike near the beach one day, and the mountain was so foggy and even the beach was cold so I just went home.

After I took this photo. It was a gray, gray February day.

Whoops. Forgot about that in the freezer.

Mike M and I drove to LAX to watch some planes land. I finally got a semi-decent photo of those cool glowsticks.

Chinese New Year! I planned to meet some friends downtown and thought hmmmm, parking will suck, and the new Expo line is open from Culver City, maybe I should take the Metro/Subway/whatever they call it here!  After realizing that I'd have to change lines twice, with long waits in between, I drove. Call me an Angeleno.  Parking wasn't even that hard.

Happy Fourth of July! Oh wait....

*Hold up pinky.*...one...trillion dollars!

Finally, some Chinese stuff.

It must be hot in there.

Jami and I got some Hawaiian ice from the food trucks, and she told me I had to add li hing mui on top. Delicious (salty dried plum powder)! 

The next teen pop stars? I want to hire them for a party.

It was President's Day and I finally hiked up to the Hollywood sign.

I got one photo at the top and then my phone died.  Sad.

I ate a lot of hi-chews.

I got a surprise at my door one day - thanks, London boss! This was a nice treat.

I'd share, but I already ate it all. Sorry.

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