Sunday, April 13, 2014

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Our dear sweet Honey dog went to Heaven this past week. Her favorite place was out at the farm, and now she'll be there always.

When I was home for Christmas during college in 2001, Mom and I decided to get a dog. We didn't tell anyone else, and one afternoon we just showed up with a cute puppy from the humane society. I recall Dad's first words - "I hope that's a rag on the end of that leash."

Two days later he was taking her around the neighborhood and showing her to everyone. She grew into a sweet, smart dog who would fetch the newspaper and bug us for rawhide sticks after dinner if we forgot to give her one. She'd eat wool socks and let us know when we made her mad.

Honey was just the best dog and we'll miss her terribly.

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