Sunday, April 06, 2014

Hello, April.

Where does time go? How is it April?

I'm finally fully in SLC. I was in Los Angeles last weekend, getting rid of the last of my things and closing the doors on the apartment for the last time. It was a bit of a hassle, as Craigslist people can be flaky, but it was a decent last trip. And will be the last trip for quite awhile. I feel like I needed to close that chapter of my life, and LA doesn't feel like I place I fit or feel drawn to.

Anyway, onwards!

I have internet fully set up in my place now, so I'm hoping to get back to the regular blogging.

It's been a good week, with a Czech Film Festival on Tuesday and Thursday nights, signing up for a ladies boot camp at a gym (still too cold to work out outside), breakfast with a friend from NC who brought her baby out to see her grandma (who lives one block away from me), and General Conference weekend with the baby niece, with a concert thrown in at Velour with a friend I hadn't seen in seven years.  And tonight on my neighborhood walk, I found some guy's wallet, so I drove it to the address on his license and had a lovely conversation with the woman who answered the door. People are good and nice.

The only downside - Mother Nature keeps playing tricks on me. Spring isn't showing up yet, cause it snowed twice on Tuesday. Nuts! Though I do keep enjoying sunsets (and taking photos of them).

And I seriously don't think I'm going to make any new friends here in Salt Lake, cause I have too many awesome and great friends from other parts of my life who seem to always be passing through or who are moving here. I'll take it! It's a great thing.

Oh, and I'm planning a trip to Peru and Ecuador this summer.  Anyone know anything about that?

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