Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Happy Birthday, America.

Let's see if I can avoid getting a full year behind on my blog. Silly.

So, yeah, back in July 2013. I was home from my East Coast travels and celebrated America's big day in LA. I'm kinda bummed I've never eaten in this restaurant at LAX and I read that it just closed a few months ago. Oh, well. I'm sure the food was mediocre and you were just paying for the views.

Marcello was in town for a couple days on his NKOTB summer tour. We hit some Los Primos tacos. Still my favorite. This is a video below and I hope it plays.

Little morning hike up to the Observatory. Another one of my LA favorites.

And then, thanks to the tour, Marcello had a nice room at the JW Marriott downtown. Hello, pool party!

Time to go see fireworks. I brought my patriotic outfit.

House party and bbq in Pasadena, before a walk over to the Rose Bowl to watch the fireworks from above. Free views are awesome views. Here's Aaron providing some tunes below.

Ended the holiday with some key lime pie at Brite Spot. Dang, it was good. I still think about it sometimes.

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