Thursday, April 17, 2014

Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and a Long Drive

From AZ, I headed north to Utah, where I'd spend a month with my brother while waiting for my niece to arrive. I'd never made the drive to Utah, and I planned a couple stops along the way to see some natural wonders. I figure I'd probably never make the drive again, so seize the day! 

I had my new camera in tow and some new Google maps directions, since a road had collapsed the year before, just a few miles south of Page, where I needed to be. That meant nearly an hour detour, but I decided to suck it up and go anyway. 

Ready for some photos? AZ really is pretty amazing. 

Near Flagstaff. 

First stop - Antelope Canyon. You're required to go with a guide, and I found a decently rated and priced one on Yelp. Tours a couple times an hour and no need for reservations. I'd see amazing pictures of this place and I really wanted to see it.  Amazing that I'm just going to walk down into this crevice here. I was kinda surprised how that worked.

Down we go. The guide said we were all skinnier than him, so we'd fit no problem. And I was probably one of the few native English speakers in the group.

It takes about an hour to walk through the whole canyon, and as we emerged it started to rain. I'm glad it held off, because they usually cancel tours when the rain starts. Flash floods and all.

Next stop, to Horseshoe Bend. Easy parking, then less than a mile walk through some dusty trails to the view.

I tried to take a couple selfies here, but they were terrible. But really, I was there.

The day was creeping on and I still had several hours to drive, right past Lake Powell and Zion National Park and through some small Utah towns. I wish I could've driven through Colorado City, but maybe another day.

Southern Utah is really beautiful and I must return.

The clouds added some atmosphere and the temperature went down quite a bit.

Next up, a full month in Utah and arrival of baby niece!

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