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An August in Utah

I survived the long scenic drive from AZ to UT and finally arrived at Taylor's house. I planned to stay for a few weeks to help them when their bundle of joy arrived. That bundle is nearly 9 months old now, and is the cutest little chunk, but let's go back to her arrival.

Utah summers are made for the outdoors - we barbecued, had to keep Max out of the way, and Taylor tried a new hot dog roasting technique.

So pretty. I think someone commented on this photo via Instagram that Utah was gonna get me, and sure enough, a few months later it did indeed.

Max wanted to play at all hours.

Utah summer bonus - basically free concerts. The National was sold out in LA, but I saw them in SLC for 5 whopping dollars. It was great. And I got to hang out with an LA crew.
Courtney was ready to just have that baby, so we went on a little hike up the mountain one day. 
 And then she was a trooper and we went to Provo's rooftop concert series to see Mindy Gledhill. Provo, you've actually …

Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and a Long Drive

From AZ, I headed north to Utah, where I'd spend a month with my brother while waiting for my niece to arrive. I'd never made the drive to Utah, and I planned a couple stops along the way to see some natural wonders. I figure I'd probably never make the drive again, so seize the day! 
I had my new camera in tow and some new Google maps directions, since a road had collapsed the year before, just a few miles south of Page, where I needed to be. That meant nearly an hour detour, but I decided to suck it up and go anyway. 
Ready for some photos? AZ really is pretty amazing. 
Near Flagstaff. 

First stop - Antelope Canyon. You're required to go with a guide, and I found a decently rated and priced one on Yelp. Tours a couple times an hour and no need for reservations. I'd see amazing pictures of this place and I really wanted to see it.  Amazing that I'm just going to walk down into this crevice here. I was kinda surprised how that worked.

Down we go. The guide sai…