Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Archives - February 2019

More Sundance films! It really is so great living near all the SLC venues. I do enjoy the library shows. We do live slightly further away now that we bought a house, but it's okay.

More gelato and other random outings.

This is Anthony. He is a mountain goat.

Definitely didn't try and drive to work this day.
New glasses from Warby Parker. Those duct-taped ones had to go.

Starting to think about buying a house.

And still fighting identity theft from November. Someone opened a Target card and had a lot of fun.

Krystle opened a shop via Instagram making pouches and things, and she made me a new laptop case out of Rifle Paper Co fabric. I love it! Get yourself one here.

Birthday time for Anthony. We celebrated at Afghan Kitchen, which is always SO delicious.

Now starts the weekends of open houses and trying to find our dream home. I love all the bungalows around Salt Lake, but they all have wonky basements. At least this house tried to make the basement usable with a full bathroom downstairs.

And they have weird cutouts.

More birthday.

And we got our first nephew! Welcome to the world, little Archer.

More houses. I actually really liked this house, which is updated inside, but has a rad retro entrance.

So many gross basements.

One more birthday surprise - we went to Maddox near Brigham City for a decently priced steak.

The raspberry butter is so good.

And this pie was over the top.

Niece time.

Bowling date. I won.

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