Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Meet Miriam & Leo!

Two weeks ago we visited an adoption event through the Best Friends Animal Society and we got two kitties!

Anthony loooooves cats, and I love cats, and now that we own a home, we can do whatever we want. I figured we'd wait a little while longer, but Anthony was ready. And then he told me we should get two. Which makes total sense, because they can play with each other while we're away, and cats are so low maintenance, that two isn't that much harder than one. Cats are underrated. They're so easy. 

Anyway, this is Miriam!

And this is her brother, Leo!

They both love laptops, laying on or biting the edge of.

Miriam is very sweet, quiet, and has been hiding a little more than Leo.

They love climbing and always want to go up. Except they're a little too small to jump on things, so I put a chair next to bookshelves and desks for levels.

They are good nappers. Sometimes they snuggle with us, and sometimes they don't.

Leo is more adventurous and takes the lead on exploring the whole house. We kept them locked in the family room for a few days to acclimate, but when we opened the doors, he was off and sniffing around.

They are quite playful with each other and with us.

We love these kitties. Plus, the internet is for cat photos, so I can contribute to that now.

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