Monday, July 22, 2019

Phoenix in February

Best time to go! February is a great month to be in Phoenix.

I do always want to schedule a winter break away from the cold too. It helps me so much. Reason for this trip was a girls reunion. I met up with Becca and Shannon - we all knew each other when we lived here once upon a time.

Becca and I landed Wednesday night - she's coming from Oregon - and we went straight to Postino when Shannon picked us up. It's dark in there, but that bruschetta board brought me so much joy. The brie, apple and fig jam one is so good. And so is the burrata, bacon, arugula and tomato. Basically they're all simple ingredients, but so delicious.

Shannon got a pup. He's a rescue and has some calming down to do, but basically he's a sweet buddy.

Best idea ever - drive-thru salads! I would eat this every day. They try to keep costs down and prices down, but they have wonderful combos of salads. I loved this. Please expand to Utah.

Nearby to Shannon's new house is the house where my great-grandparents lived. I don't know that I had ever seen it (or maybe I just don't remember) so we drove over and took a look. It's an historic neighborhood in Phoenix with houses from the 30s and 40s, mostly built by the same person.

Thursday dinner - The Winsdsor. Also dark, but outside, and I got my favorite sandwich ever - the brown bag chicken and a side of church potatoes.


Churn, next door.

Madagascar vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce with a pretzel cone. Always.

Friday morning we hiked in north Phoenix with Jen. 

Then pasties for lunch.

The rest of the weekend we camped out at a fancy JW Marriott resort, since Becca works for the company and got us a great rate. 

Hello lazy river! I sure would like to use that every day.

Didn't use the gym, but did go on a long walk around the lovely grounds.

Saturday - Shake Shack and shopping. And a mostly free meal thanks to my AmEx credit card dining benefit.

Back to the pool.

After dinner at some Mexican joint, we hunted down the fire pit for s'mores.

All the way at the back of the property.

Sunday, Meghan was in town with her rowing crew for a race. We popped down to Tempe to catch a glimpse. They're out there on the water, even if you can't really see them.

One more Postino run before we go. Cucumber honey lemonade, please.

We tried the cauliflower. It was excellent.

Light this time!


A little walk through ASU.

Adios, Phoenix. See you again soon.

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