Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ah, the World of Internet Dating

Last Saturday night was my Facebook.com date that had been in the works for about a month (If you don't know all the great things that Facebook can do, read this article). My friends (and parents) thought I was a little daring to do such a thing, but what can I say? I like meeting people in random ways, and the Internet's just one of them. I have almost no qualms about it, especially since Google can tell you almost anything you need to know about someone.

We'll call him D. D emailed me awhile ago and asked if I like basketball. That's it. I wrote back and said yes, why do you ask? Turns out he lives in NYC and is a huge Spurs fan. He purchased tickets (floor seats!!) to the Wizards/Spurs matchup and wondered if I'd like to go with him. Why me, I have no idea. We emailed a couple times a week until last week, when we had a couple short phone conversations. We met up at a restaurant in Chinatown for dinner, and things ran smoothly from there. No awkward pauses, thank goodness. I dread those.

The game was great, and I saw Ms. Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria there, cheering for her man in the front center seat. It was nice to be so close to the action. I really do enjoy sports events. D walked me home after the game, which was very nice of him, considering the recent neighborhood happens.

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