Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just breathe

To update on my bizarre breathing condition that led me to the ER in early October, I finally had my follow up appointment with a doctor yesterday. I don't have a primary doc here, so I just scheduled with whomever was available. That turned out to be a resident. Joys of a teaching hospital.

Asian name - I expected a short guy with a thick accent who'd be a little bit awkward with patients. What'd I get? A young, hot resident that should be on one of those medical TV shows. Oh yeah.... time to become a hypochondriac (c'mon, you know I wouldn't really do that).

I'm going back to pulmonary tomorrow for more tests. The one breathing test I did yesterday I completely sucked at. The one where you blow into a tube and the indicator goes up. On a scale of 0 to 900, I only got it up to 300, and I tried 3 times! Hopefully they can figure something out - I just wanna breathe normally!

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