Monday, November 21, 2005

Super Duper Weekend

Saturday was such a lazy day. I love sleeping in til 11:30. Don't tell my dad - he still thinks I'm a lazy bum. I did some grocery shopping in the AM (forgot my wallet and realized it after the clerk rang up all my stuff! - thanks B), made homemade pizza for lunch, then got some HP4 matinee action. I realize Harry's growing up and all, but it was dark! Seemingly much more so than the last movie. I really need to reread book 4 - it's hard to be 2 books ahead and keep all the details straight of what happened when and to whom.

Why does Scattergories render my brian totally useless? It's like I'm trying to play in a foreign language with the vocabulary of an 8-year-old. The category was Things That are Cold, and the letter was S. NO ONE thought of Snow. Duh! Instead we tried to pass off Sidewalks and Seals. I don't even think I wrote an answer down for that one. Really, does anyone else have this problem?

I was Ms. Suzy Homemaker on Sunday. I made a big pot of chili, plus some darn tasty chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (the recipe called them Cowboy cookies - is that a real name?). Whenever I think about marriage (in the way future) and the whole cooking responsibility, I've always kind of dreaded it, but I'm realizing that I actually don't mind cooking at all. I just need to have the time and someone to clean up my mess :-)

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