Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Brighter Endings

Today had lots of highs and lows. I had a terrible time sleeping last night. tears and all. I went back and forth between teary-eyed and smiling for a good part of the work day. I woke up somewhat early to get to tutoring on time, only to find that the hot water decided not to make an appearance today! I don't do cold showers; not even for a sponge bath. An extra stroke of deo works just fine. I didn't notice any strange looks from coworkers.

Tutoring went well, despite a lack of new material to go over. The kid I work with - W - is pretty cool. Our first couple meetings were a little stiff and down to business, but we talked quite a bit today about other things going on in our lives. He thinks it's crazy that I want to visit Mexico (where he's from) because it's so dangerous. I told him I'd take burly men to protect me.

Work was a little hectic once I finally got there. I like working under deadlines though; way more efficient. Just give me a project a few hours before it's due, and voila! I had two of those today and managed to squeeze it all in just before 5pm.

Highlight of the morning though was an email from my mom. This weekend is my work holiday party, a formal all-out classy kind of evening. I was just going to wear an old dress from the back of my closet, since the hassle of finding one (dress search in high school was always such the ordeal) and paying for one isn't something I really want to deal with at the moment. My mom thinks otherwise. She said if I wear an old prom dress, it's going to look like an old prom dress. And if I wear an old bridesmaid dress, it's going to look like a bridesmaid dress. Since I'm the sophisticated DC girl (at least my mom thinks so), I deserve to go shopping and to send the bill to her! What a great mom. Let the search begin. 3 days left....

The new LOST episode tonight was quite a hit as well. Good all around - no complaints from me!

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Anonymous said...

So does that make you a "high class crack baby"? :)

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