Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just an Update

It's been a busy week, despite a near zero productivity rate at work. For some reason we're all in a motivation-lacking funk. I don't feel so bad about it though, since the previous two weeks included working at home nearly every night and through the weekends.

Monday night I went to a church thing where we assembled 72-hour survival kits. Well, assemble isn't exactly the right word. It was more like putting a bottle of water and an ER Bar in a plastic bag. Apparently these things taste like lemon cardboard, but they'll keep you alive! It's even good for five whole years. It's a good start though; something I've been meaning to do for awhile. I have a goal to buy a little something extra for such a kit every time I go to the store. Never know whats going to happen. Two years ago when the remnants of a hurricane hit DC, our power was out for 4 days (even though every building around mine had power!), and I realized how ill-prepared I am for things that like. It was scary to try and get down 5 flights of stairs once the emergency lights burned out. Flash lights are great things to have!

Tuesday was pretty chill, including a dinner out in Chinatown. My weird breathing problem hit me hard that day, so I went to bed a little early. It's kinda scary how it's fine when I wake up, and a few hours later it can be hard to inhale deeply. The doctor should be calling any day about test results....I really just wanna figure this out. It's been 7 weeks!

Wednesday night was the 3rd annual Soup, Salad and Scarves event at church (two church activities in a week is pretty intense for me).
*Quick side note - Jenny was a Friend of Mine by the Killers just came on. I love the line "She said she loved me, but she had somewhere to go." I just wanna sing that out loudly and all angsty-like sometimes. Yeah, Brandon Flowers....*
We had a lovely dinner of, what else, soup and salad, with a great variety of things to choose from. I think I nearly sampled them all. Then came the super fun part - learning to knit or crochet a scarf. Some of these girls were amazing! Where'd they learn how to do that? A few people were making really cool stuff. I got frustrated after starting my little row over three times, and the quitter in me won.

That brings us to today, the day the world turned cold. My winter commute really is going to be awful. Anyone wanna loan me a car for 4 months? My mom flew to Mexico today with her sisters and my grandparents. Oh, anything for warmer weather.....

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