Thursday, April 06, 2006

Back to the Blog World....

It's been quite the hiatus, and every time I hit a dry spell in the journal-keeping, I always feel like I have to catch up. Then I get overwhelmed, stop writing, and the blank spaces continue. And every time I vow to just keep going, yet here I am again. Wanting to catch up on things, not wanting to spend the time, keep the frustration to a minimum.

I think we'll go with the shortened version of the past couple weeks :-)

Josh, one of my best friends from high school (we were drum majors together - wouldn't have survivied band without him), was in town for a couple days. He's been here a few times before, and we're usually so pressed for time that if we do get to see each other, we attempt to live it up on the town. Between ringing cell phones and loud bars and rushing to airports, there's not much time to catch up. This trip however, we just chilled. And it was perfect. I cooked dinner, we spent the night playing on MySpace, Facebook, looking up all the PHS kids that are still working at Mazzio's. We watched our ridiculous Senior Class video that was quite possibly made by the worst production company ever. We joked that when we're famous and VH1 is looking for old footage, they're really gonna have to do something with that film. If you pay me a little money, I'll let ya watch pics and all!

It was a perfect evening, and I'm glad that we're still such good friends after all this time. Definitely one of those nights were you're thankful for how good life is. Some things never change, which is good in a world where not much else stays constant.

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Anonymous said...

Awww, Joshie! Why isn't he on the myspace???

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