Thursday, June 22, 2006

La Dee Dah

What to say, what to say.

There are fantastic blueberry muffins in my oven right now, whipped up by me, complete with streusel topping and blueberries that I picked myself, just a couple days ago. Lucky for me, my roommates don't really like them - all the more for me. Yum! They're smelling super good. I'm supposed to wait til morning to eat them.....

I realized today at work that I haven't shaved my legs thoroughly in ages. Sorry if that's TMI, but it's the truth. I threw on some shorts tonight to clean up the forest. Feels good. I just slathed on some weird smelling lotion that will tan 'em up. The things we women do for beauty! It's nice to lounge and pamper myself. Licking muffin batter off the spatula, smooth legs, slippers, chick flick on ABC Family. What else does a girl need?

Next Monday Niki and I are taking it to a new level, starting a routine of massages. She found a massage school in Friendship Heights that's pretty cheap, so we're off to de-stress. Man, I need it. Hopefully it'll be a regular thing, as often as I can afford to splurge. Fifty bucks for an hour for a graduate of the school, only 35 if you don't mind a student that has an observer. This could be a good, good thing.

Our little Izzy, the sugar glider, has gone back home after residing in the 314 hotel for a month. I immediately looked for her this morning, but the cute little thing is gone. I did see some free ones on a message board I dare? In exchange for our sugar glider babysitting services, AF brought back some neat jewelry from Kenya.

Hopefully I'll have some pics from my OK trip up soon. My camera is on its last legs, so I used my brother's, and of course he hasn't sent me the pics yet....we'll see how slow he is.

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Andre said...

Ah yes, some freaky young lad rubbing you all over...and you're paying him to do so...hmmm sounds a lil immoral to me lol

Get a sugar glider! I'm done with pets for a LONNG time

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