Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Shady Gym Regulars

Every gym has the "stand-outs" - the ones you always notice. I haven't seen many of my regulars in awhile, but they all came out of the woodwork today.

Gymmer number 1: Jock
Looks like a used car salesman. Mid-50s, gold chain. He's been going to the gym since August, but doesn't seem like he's made any strides. He likes to go in the afternoon and leisurely ride the bike while reading a book. Nothing vigorous, until he gets to mat exercises. Then he does this mini crunch where he tries to punch his chin into his chest really quickly, while kind of grunting. Not much range of motion, not sure what it's supposed to work. Oh, and I'll let you guess why he got that name.

Gymmer number 2: StareBear
StareBear is a starer. Like a blatent one. We can't figure out which team he plays for, cause he doesn't favor staring either sex over the other. He also wanders around a lot. Today he came out of the locker room, stared, did 10 reps of something, got a magazine, flipped through, did another 10 reps somewhere else, went to the check-in desk to sign in on the computer, stared, rode the bike for 2 minutes, got up, wandered around. That's his daily routine! Sometimes he'll sit and read for 20 minutes. I don't know what his deal is.

Gymmer number 3: The singer
She's a new one. Saw her for the first time yesterday, and she seemed a little off. She ran on the treadmill to the left of AB, inches away. His towel fell on her side, so she picked it up, and instead of just handing it to him, she walked around to his right side to give it to him. Was a little too friendly and eager to do so. She also stretched for about 10 minutes before she started, and I had seen her streching for another 10 in the locker room before she came out. A tad excessive if you ask me. Then while she's running, she starts singing. Outloud. For a long time. She did it again today. I actually saw her on my bus commute this morning, chattin it up with anyone around that would listen. Way too perky in the morning.


Unknown said...

The question the singer hot?

Andre said...

Yeah....Singer was definitely a lil scary for comfort. Then again maybe I'll toss my towel in front of me and see what she does

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