Wednesday, June 14, 2006


No time to write - I'm going to Oklahoma tomorrow! I'm excited. It'll be weird though.

Quick weekend wrap up - JR from Philly came down this weekend with his Swiss friend, who looks 19, but is really 5 years older than me, and is the size of a toothpick, no joke. We took her out Friday night to Tryst, which was amazingly not crowded for a late Friday night. Was very nice and chill. AC man finally came to fix our system, at 9:45 that night. Better late than never!

Saturday night we all went out to Five. By the end of the night, Caro, Niki and I were fending for our lives on the dance floor, as it was 85% guys who were complete animals and thought they could get all up in our business. We were throwing their dirty little paws off us every 2 minutes. It was disgusting. I'm used to some degree of that in clubs, but it's never been this bad. Absolute vultures. We had to leave - couldn't take anymore. We're on man-hating phase at the moment because of this, so watch out! However, if anyone of the male gender would like to step up and try to redeem your entire sex, be our guest.

The housemates and I were heathens on Sunday, sleeping through church and hitting up the Nats game instead. Company day there, free tix, t-shirts, and $20 in food vouchers per person. Oh yeah, we spent every cent and downed all types of junk food. Oh so satisfying, and the Nats actually played well! Good times.

Today was my last morning of tutoring for the school year. They had a nice little appreciation breakfast for us, and the students made cards for the tutors and said lovely things about us during our little party. It was really nice. It's been kinda hard to go sometimes in the early morning, but I think I'll go back in the fall for another year. I'd like to think I'm helping someone, even if it's just a little bit!

World Cup in full effect! I've been trying to go the gym when the games are on that I want to see. Yay for Spain finally starting off right! We'll see if they can continue to perform. Coming soon - my guapo survey of all the teams. :)

Time to sleep. Wake up early to finish packing. Wack! Flying to NW Arkansas via Detroit tomorrow. Then off to the blueberry farm. Back to the DC land in 6 days. See ya then.....

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