Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tired of Coming Up with Titles....

It's Sunday night - I'm bored and not yet tired. Always a dilemma. I should be asleep so I can get to the office early tomorrow and knock some stuff out, but no, I'm writing. Then I'm going to play online some more. Then I'm going to finish a movie. Then I might read.

I'm trying to book a ticket to go home sometime this month, but the web is being SUPER slow. I can't even deal. And the one fare I did manage to search for was $650. Yeah, no thanks. Love ya family, but not for that much $$$.

I had some Dairy Queen goodness this weeked - it's been ages! Their commerical on TV yesterday for the Monster Cookie Blizzard really got to me. I knew I'd be in Alexandria last night and vaguely recalled one in that area so I snooped it out. Yum! When I was about 8 years of age in Cordell, OK, we had a DQ in town for a little while. My dad's friend's daughter worked there. I remember going through the drive-thru once when she was working. I ordered my usual favorite and her response was, "I don't know how to make that yet. I'm new." After the store closed a couple months later, I was convinced it was all her fault, since she had no idea how to make things. Whether I was right or not, I guess I'll never know.....hah!

Time to finish The Lost Boys of Sudan, then maybe I'll get some sleep.

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