Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thank You Wednesday

For not raining all day. Yes, you sprinkled a little while I was outside. But overall, you were lovely. I was even able to BBQ! Well, I didn't BBQ, Shawn did. Remnants from last weekend's 80s party. Who knew there was an Aldi around here? And who knew they have really, really good burgers? I do now!

We even braved the walk from ghetto Union Station area by the sketchy K. St bridge/Greyhound station to get to our house. It wasn't quite dark outside and we had a good group of people with some guys in it, so I felt alright. That's the sucky thing about going to Shawn/T's house. You can take the metro from my place in 3/4 of a circle, or you can just walk the 1/4 of the circle, which is major sketch, and I don't recommend. We made it though, without incident. How many more times will we make it without incident?

Hmmm....what else. Had a really nice commute home today. A little roundabout, but that's perfectly alright. Nothing like Monday's absolute commute mess. Seriously awful! I didn't have it nearly as bad as most people but it was still a pain. Water, water every where and not a drop to drink. Is that from Willy Wonka? Lemonade. The fizzy lemonade. Right? That's the part where they say that. I think.

I finally decided to move on from current job. I officially quit yesterday. It was weird. It's still somewhat surreal that I'm leaving this place and starting at a new one. All new people, all new copy machines to figure out, all sorts of new stuff. The more I think about it though, the more I feel it's the right move. Here's hoping!

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Anonymous said...

It's from _The Rime of the Ancient Mariner_ originally!

Can't wait for you guys to come next weekend!


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