Thursday, August 17, 2006

They Are Night Zombies!

Listening to some Sufjan currently....yeah...

Continuing from previous post...
Sunday church was really good. It was hard to wake up early and go to a meeting beforehand, but definitely a good Sunday. PE barbecued for me later that evening - delish. Perfect weather, great music and good food.

The rest of the week has included a rush-hour scramble to Chantilly, goodbyes to AF, EG, BD, prep for adios to BE, mockumentary times 2, bread bowl from Panera (finally!), new cardio class at the gym, Enrichment activity (and people actually came!), training sessions at work, and I'm exhausted.

Other fun fact of the week, I get to do alumni interviews for high school kids that want to be Hoyas. Hmm.... make or break 'em.... we shall see! Should start later this fall. I'm really excited. Not that the interviews have that huge an impact in the admissions decision, but I still like being part of the process. Hoya Blue, baby!

Time to pack for NYC. Or crash now and do it in the morning. That's the procrastinator's way, and that's what I am.

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