Monday, August 07, 2006

What was I Thinking?

So yeah....weekend with married friends..... not the funnest! I'm going to attempt to be very careful in the way I write about this, because these people are good friends of mine and I love them dearly, and I'm leaving a clause open that I may in fact be the same way some day. Not my finest idea though, to go on this road trip. I expected a tad of what happened, only it was much more. Somehow I managed to deal, but I felt like an invisible mute the whole time. I have absolutely nothing to offer in conversations about which spouse used whose bank account to buy XX on eBay, or pregnancy schedules, or what my spouse does when he sleeps at night, etc, etc, etc and on and on and on. I can easily handle one couple at a time - that doesn't bother me too much. But two at once - never, ever again, while I'm still single.

Thank goodness for the two cats and late night TV that kept me company as I slept on the couch. The drive down was far longer than expected too. I'm glad I went, to finally see where CH lives, life in Charlotte, etc. And once is enough as long as I'm the 5th wheel.

We did manage to see Talledega Nights, which is absolutely hysterical. Quality all the way through - I was impressed. May catch that again tomorrow.

I finally, finally joined the YMCA today. Yay! I could feel my muscles tensing up while walking there after work, and I'm feeling it now. Haven't touched a treadmill in 2 months - I'm gonna hurt tomorrow. But the good pain.....yeah..... The place is 7 floors; I'm gonna have to settle in and find my favorite spots.

Exhausted. Sleep. Now.

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