Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Break Down

I gave in and bought a piece of clothing today. Ooops. At least it wasn't $200+ in clothing, as I've been known to do on random Saturdays. And I kept the receipt in case I feel too guilty and want to take it back.

But trouble ahead. I got an email today from BR with their fall collection, and I love almost every single piece. No joke. I love fall clothes. Much more than summer and spring. The rich colors, cute jackets and sweaters for those chilly nights. Love it. And since I'm going to NYC in mid-August....yeah, I'm thinking every BR in Manhattan needs to watch out.

1 comment:

The Equalizer said...


I can see Little L shivering in the cold on her way back from studying in the library thinking: "If only mommy wasnt such an obessesive spender...I could have a coat and something to eat...if it would just be for a BANANA"....tsk tsk

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