Thursday, August 17, 2006

If I Had a Boat

I'm really behind on the chronicles of my life, and not that I write for you, dear readers (all 2 of you), I just really want to remember what I do/who I see/things I learn in this really fun time in life. This is an easy way for me to archive my activities, though I'll keep the really juicy, scandalous stuff to myself :)

So what have I been doing? Drowning in goodbye parties. Yes, it's that time of year again, when half the city moves away, and a whole new crop of people arrives. Even though I've been stagnant for many years (only in city location, not in personality, work, life, etc), it really does affect me more than I think. I have new friends to make, more friends to stay in touch with via the Internet (thank you, MySpace), and more thoughts about when I'm going to join the August rush. Change is good though; keeps things interesting. You definitely don't know what's ahead - that is one thing I've learned and one thing that is key to remember. For now though, I'll keep my feet planted in the middle and watch everyone around me spin in the life cycle.

Last Friday I said adios to MP, the best home teacher on earth. Well, the most diligent and serious for sure. I'm positive he'll continue to send us monthly email messages. Then I went to the movies with a couple friends + an Olympic champion. Pretty neat-o. And Little Miss Sunshine is amazing. Your mouth will be gaping open in laughter throughout.

Saturday was errand day - back to Banana for me to return/exchange my huge online order. I failed miserably at that personal challenge. I'm still failing, as I've been there twice in the last week, and I'm going again tomorrow. Not to buy though, just exchange and tailor.

Saturday night was our Goodbye Caro Ghetto Fabulous party. We did pretty close to zero prep (though miraculously we cleaned) - the way a ghetto party should be done. Beach chairs in the living room, Top Pop soda, tator tots, cheese hot dogs with ketchup, wings from Lucky Bar, marshmallows for dessert - high quality for sure. I was dressed sorta ghetto for me. Maybe ghetto isn't the right word, but it's definitely not in line with my classic BR self; brought on a new persona.
PS. This new Shinylicious lip gloss in Chocolate Cherry is fab. Who wants a taste?

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