Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blue Horizon

Week three of the new job has flown by. It's been a tad slow at times, as I'm still learning and don't have a lot to do yet, but at least a leisurely breakfast fits nicely into my schedule once I'm at work. The cafeteria is seriously yum. The other day I had bacon, eggs, and hash browns - all for 2 bucks! Sweet deal.

I've eaten out every single meal this week though, with the exception of Monday's dinner. Whoa. Tuesday a handful of friends met up at Lucky Bar for wing night, Caroline's fav, and one last time since she's moving to NY in a couple weeks. I know she's leaving, but it really hasn't hit me yet. We're not really huggy/sensitive housemates, but I think all three of us will probably cry a bit that day. We'll see. We did just buy complementary shirts for our party from Urban though, which I'm really excited about. France, Germany, and Spain - all represented. A perfect parting gesture.

B and I went to see The Break Up last night at the Cinema and Drafthouse. Not a bad movie overall, if you're in the mood for brain candy. Small twist at the end, but I liked it. I always forget about that venue, but it's pretty fun.

As sad as it is to admit, I got sucked into The Hills at the end of the season - I'm so pissed DVR cut off the end of the finale!! I even got up early to watch it this morning before work - Paris or the Boy? Everything was set up, critical moment, and bam! Do you want to delete this recording? NO!! I want you to keep playing, idiot. Not like it won't be re-run a million times though. But still! I really couldn't stand Heidi during the show and her little club promoter aspirations, but the episode where she breaks up with her bf won me over. He pretty much begged, she stood up for herself and said you treat me badly, I'm not happy, and that was that. Good for her. I'm sure I'll start hating her again next season, but for this brief moment she's not so bad.

Off to Charlotte this weekend with EEG (but she's still EEW to me) to visit CC (now CH). Me and two married couples. I have no reason to be weirded out by it, yet I am slightly. I'm sure it'll be fine, as these girls are two of my best friends, but still. It's kinda the start of the drifted path between married vs single people, and I'm feeling it a bit. And of course I feel a ton of pressure now to marry someone who fits in with them. :) K, not really, but the three of us already made a pact to vacation together, so whoever I end up with is just gonna have to deal. Hope he likes golf!

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Jacinda said...

or, you can stay single with the rest of us cool cats... golf = boring :)

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