Sunday, August 27, 2006

Times, They Are A'Changin

It's been a relatively homebody weekend, and it's finally catching up to me on this Sunday evening. Haven't been outta the house except for church since yesterday afternoon, and the stir-craze is in effect. Aggggh!

I made cookies today and later found out that the eggs I used are more than a month old. Of course I ate a TON of dough. After reading up about salmonella, looks like I won't be puking (whew), just abdominal cramps and some other nasty stuff. Fingers crossed it doesn't get that bad.

So Caro is gone. The divorce has happened. We even completed paperwork at Comcast yesterday to make it official. Sniff!! Niki and I are definitely still in denial, pretending that she's only gone for the weekend. When I think about it, my roommate relationships are the longest ones I've got going. Boyfriends last about 6 months, but when you've been with roommates for 2-3 years, it's a lot harder to break up. We missed her at church today, especially the exact time she usually busts out the mints or makes a comment about someone's outfit. The three of us know each other so well; it'll be hard for anyone else to compare. New people in the mix will be good, if they happen to come in, but there is always a special place for Ms. CB. No one quite like her in the world. Hope the Big Apple is good to her! That said, we are excited for X to be with us, in the middle room.

Fun times helping Caro move to NYC last weekend. Well, fun for me, not so much for her, as she did all the hard work. Somehow I managed to stay up super late both nights - a little bit of the Spain party time coming back out. We grabbed dinner Friday at 2am at my favorite little Cafeteria, after a 45 minute wait in line. I love the NYC energy and variety of freaks, I mean people, that we saw out and about. I shopped til I dropped, though I didn't buy much, and hung out at JR's new place on Wall St. Visiting the roof deck on the 40-something floor at night made me want to move there immediately. Love, love, love it. I did decide that it won't be good for my personality to move there. I can see myself turning into this girl who dresses up in all black, just to hit the grocery store, and not being able to leave the house unless my outfit is absolutely perfect, especially if I'm headed to 5th Ave. Not good - I'm trying to become a little nicer, warmer, and moving to NYC is a huge step backwards. Not to mention having to get a second job, no money for travel, and watching the 401k contributions dwindling to nearly nothing. Not willing to be poor again.

The social scene is still madness. I'm rushing around like a mad woman, though I'm kinda ready for a break. More happy hours and goodbye parties in the week ahead.

Made my Christmas plans today - going to Phoenix. Yay for warm weather in the winter! Now if we could get that Caribbean trip in January figured out, I'm back on the travel circuit. Woo hoo!

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