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Thank You Wednesday

For not raining all day. Yes, you sprinkled a little while I was outside. But overall, you were lovely. I was even able to BBQ! Well, I didn't BBQ, Shawn did. Remnants from last weekend's 80s party. Who knew there was an Aldi around here? And who knew they have really, really good burgers? I do now!

We even braved the walk from ghetto Union Station area by the sketchy K. St bridge/Greyhound station to get to our house. It wasn't quite dark outside and we had a good group of people with some guys in it, so I felt alright. That's the sucky thing about going to Shawn/T's house. You can take the metro from my place in 3/4 of a circle, or you can just walk the 1/4 of the circle, which is major sketch, and I don't recommend. We made it though, without incident. How many more times will we make it without incident?

Hmmm....what else. Had a really nice commute home today. A little roundabout, but that's perfectly alright. Nothing like Monday's absolute commute me…


Rainstorms + City + Trash day = Grossed-outness on the walk to the Metro this morning


Sleeping in til noon. BR sale, JCrew sale, headband craze, getting talked into highlights when all I wanted was a hair cut. Another round of blueberry muffins with more butter than you can imagine.

That's my Saturday in a nutshell. Tomorrow I MUST CLEAN.

Farmin' in Okieland

It was seriously so nice to be home over Father's Day weekend. I just kinda hung out - it's been awhile since I did that. Lots of time with the family, and I managed to see a few friends (that aren't yet married). I think we're going to make it a family tradition every year - blueberry season and Father's Day.

So here's the famous blueberry farm. We all got up at 6am on Saturday to get things set up for the U-Pick operation that my parents have going. Of course as soon as we had everything out of the storage shed, tables set up, buckets out, gate open, the clouds moved in for a torrential downpour. Thankfully, that meant I got to go home and go back to bed :)

What else did I do while home? Hmm....hit the bar scene in Ft. Smith. Can't say I've done that before. Ran into an old high school friend at the pizza joint one afternoon, who immediately exclaimed, "I didn't think I'd ever see you again!" Very nice surprise to see him.

Had to get t…

I Can Breathe Again

At 9:55am this morning, I was out the door of my office on the way to Cingular across the street. I've been mulling over the RAZR trend for several months now, and I just gave in. Cost me more than it should, but I can't argue. Plus, all the cheaper phones that I would've wanted are out of stock. I needed a phone instantly.

All my phone numbers are intact. Whew. Call away....


My cell phone just dropped on the floor.

It smashed into 2 pieces.

Granted, it was starting to detach. It's a cheap one, and it's 2.5 years old.

Guess I'll be running to the Cingular store first thing in the morning!

In the meantime, how I am going to survive the next 10 hours without my phone?!

Update, 10 minutes later:
Okay, I'm really distressed about this. I mean, it's 11pm. I don't think I need to call anyone. And I don't think anyone's going to call me. But I have some important stuff going on in life right now - what if I do need to talk to someone at midnight? Like west coast friends? How do I tell them I'm unreachable? What if my sim card doesn't work, and I lose all 300 phone numbers? Seriously....this is an issue....

What time does my Cingular store open.....


Pyke, rest in peace. I was there for your ownership transfer from Petsmart to Dre, and I waited outside the men's bathroom during your funeral. You'll be missed!

La Dee Dah

What to say, what to say.

There are fantastic blueberry muffins in my oven right now, whipped up by me, complete with streusel topping and blueberries that I picked myself, just a couple days ago. Lucky for me, my roommates don't really like them - all the more for me. Yum! They're smelling super good. I'm supposed to wait til morning to eat them.....

I realized today at work that I haven't shaved my legs thoroughly in ages. Sorry if that's TMI, but it's the truth. I threw on some shorts tonight to clean up the forest. Feels good. I just slathed on some weird smelling lotion that will tan 'em up. The things we women do for beauty! It's nice to lounge and pamper myself. Licking muffin batter off the spatula, smooth legs, slippers, chick flick on ABC Family. What else does a girl need?

Next Monday Niki and I are taking it to a new level, starting a routine of massages. She found a massage school in Friendship Heights that's pretty cheap, so …


Back from middle America. So refreshed. Head is in a much better place than it was a week ago. The weekend before I left I was so stressed and teary-eyed and weepy through the whole thing. That's been melted away. I have a new direction in life. I feel good about things. I have lots of options. That's sometimes an overwhelming position to be in, but I feel much, much better about life and where it's going. It's all good. I'll keep you posted.


No time to write - I'm going to Oklahoma tomorrow! I'm excited. It'll be weird though.

Quick weekend wrap up - JR from Philly came down this weekend with his Swiss friend, who looks 19, but is really 5 years older than me, and is the size of a toothpick, no joke. We took her out Friday night to Tryst, which was amazingly not crowded for a late Friday night. Was very nice and chill. AC man finally came to fix our system, at 9:45 that night. Better late than never!

Saturday night we all went out to Five. By the end of the night, Caro, Niki and I were fending for our lives on the dance floor, as it was 85% guys who were complete animals and thought they could get all up in our business. We were throwing their dirty little paws off us every 2 minutes. It was disgusting. I'm used to some degree of that in clubs, but it's never been this bad. Absolute vultures. We had to leave - couldn't take anymore. We're on man-hating phase at the moment because of …

Britney, Honey

Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Surely we're all rooting for her to ditch the K-Fed for the manny. How perfect!

And after this a couple weeks ago, we gotta get you to move on.

The Shady Gym Regulars

Every gym has the "stand-outs" - the ones you always notice. I haven't seen many of my regulars in awhile, but they all came out of the woodwork today.

Gymmer number 1: Jock
Looks like a used car salesman. Mid-50s, gold chain. He's been going to the gym since August, but doesn't seem like he's made any strides. He likes to go in the afternoon and leisurely ride the bike while reading a book. Nothing vigorous, until he gets to mat exercises. Then he does this mini crunch where he tries to punch his chin into his chest really quickly, while kind of grunting. Not much range of motion, not sure what it's supposed to work. Oh, and I'll let you guess why he got that name.

Gymmer number 2: StareBear
StareBear is a starer. Like a blatent one. We can't figure out which team he plays for, cause he doesn't favor staring either sex over the other. He also wanders around a lot. Today he came out of the locker room, stared, did 10 reps of somethin…

Lots 'O Goodness

Things have been a little hectic and outta control lately, but today was awesome. No doubt about it. I managed to make it to work early today, seeing that I now have 9am meetings on Thursdays. No more taking the 9:10 bus and arriving at 9:35....

I had the best Toffee Nut Steamer I've ever had at Starbucks around mid-morning. Can't wait for another one. Today it really hit the spot.

I knocked out a lotta work today that's been hanging over my head for weeks. What a relief. My muscles are sore from my gym workouts, so it means I've actually been getting a workout. Can't lose ground now, especially since excuses to not go have been prevelant recently.

And to top it off, I found a cheap ticket to go home next Thursday! I looked last week and fares had bumped to $700, but this afternoon I had airline karma. My boss was out of the office at a meeting, but thank goodness for Blackberries. I emailed to check in, and she wrote back that I could head outta here ne…

Brain Freeze

I've been a little Lost on Wednesday nights without my show. (Ha ha, terrible pun I know). But thank goodness for some mindless tv that’s saved my mid-week tv hump night – So You think You Can Dance and The Hills. I know it's ridiculous to like these, but I gotta have something to do on Wednesdays.

I am ridiculously exhausted today. Hit me right as I got home – I could pass out any second. I should pass out now.

Have you gotten your Rita's yet? It's time, if you haven't. We made a little trip there tonight, thanks to B who has the car. Delish. As much as my house loves the Rita's, I don't really see us chillin on the Rhode Island Ave Metrobus route whenever we have a water ice craving.

Tired of Coming Up with Titles....

It's Sunday night - I'm bored and not yet tired. Always a dilemma. I should be asleep so I can get to the office early tomorrow and knock some stuff out, but no, I'm writing. Then I'm going to play online some more. Then I'm going to finish a movie. Then I might read.

I'm trying to book a ticket to go home sometime this month, but the web is being SUPER slow. I can't even deal. And the one fare I did manage to search for was $650. Yeah, no thanks. Love ya family, but not for that much $$$.

I had some Dairy Queen goodness this weeked - it's been ages! Their commerical on TV yesterday for the Monster Cookie Blizzard really got to me. I knew I'd be in Alexandria last night and vaguely recalled one in that area so I snooped it out. Yum! When I was about 8 years of age in Cordell, OK, we had a DQ in town for a little while. My dad's friend's daughter worked there. I remember going through the drive-thru once when she was working. I …

Thank Goodness for Shorts and Tanks

It's 86 degrees in my house and the AC has been running for 2 days. Houston, we have a problem. It's sweltering in here and it's only June 1. Anyone got some AC they wanna share? I pack light - you won't even know I'm there. Wait, that's a total lie, but I gotta do something quick. Stripping when home is getting old.

What else is going? The sugar glider is alive and well, though it pees often and pees on your arm. Work is long and a tad crazy, I'm exhausted at the end of the day. I had hoped to hit the gym 4 times this week, but I haven't made it even once! Saw DaVinci Code last night. I liked it - why is everyone hating on it? Take it as a piece of entertainment, and leave it at that. I just finished reading The Kite Runner, which is AMAZING. One night on the way home from work I was reading on the metro platform, waiting for a train. I was almost in tears. A few pages later, while actually riding in a metro car full of people, I gasped outloud. It'…