Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Cold!!

Finally, in the middle of October.

Cold by Phoenix standards. Sixty-five degrees this morning. When it drops below 90, that’s the trigger to bring out the boots. Which I did today.

Despite my professed hatred for cold and ice and all things winter, I think I just might miss it this year. Shhh....

A year in the extreme heat has thinned my blood, I still freeze in the AC and revel in walking outside into 115 degrees in the summer, yet I find myself longing for some chill and sweater and scarves that will linger a bit longer than December to February. This might be a decent year for an extended winter. I may even willingly go on vacation to a place that’s cold this winter, rather than try and escape further south.

I long to unpack my great white marshmallow coat. I’ve even put away all socks that aren’t in my gym bag.

I reminisced about great fall weather with fellow Georgetown grads last night, a couple of whom just moved to the Valley. We know what we’re missing. Yes, we do.

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