Friday, October 24, 2008

Summing Up September - Part III - Birthday Style

So in a previous post, I reminisced about past birthdays.  And the brilliant idea Ms. Liz had for the 2008 event.

Phoenix, not my favorite place, I've still got some growing to do before I can fully appreciate it.

Palm Springs it was! 

Initially this started as a girls' weekend.  Liz and me, I'd kidnap Janelle from Phoenix and we'd make the drive.  Liz had just had a birthday too; we'd double up the celebration.  But as the news trickled out, it became a favorite group thing with some of my most favorite people on the planet, minus a few who are scattered around the country. 
What better way to spend the weekend (in my opinon, at least, and it was my birthday) than lounging by the pool with fruity drinks, catching up on reading, with such good friends? Including favorite people who are so thoughtful and wonderful that they got me the only thing I could possibly want right now, a guitar!  And all the accessories that go with it!  Granted, the learning is going slow.  I'm teaching myself.  But I figure if my brothers could do it, surely I can.  Any tips - send 'em my way.

We stayed at the Miramonte for the weekend and had a glorious time.  We hauled RockBand over from Phoenix and played daily (I even got to the Expert level on a few tracks.  Impressive, I know).  I think this may have to be an annual tradition.  Even if not on my birthday, no reason required to have a sunny poolside weekend at a Palm Springs resort.  Liz wrote a nice summary, far more detailed than this short post, complete with video evidence.

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