Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorry, You've Got the Wrong Person....AGAIN

One of the best things about having a common name AND snagging that as my email address on Google means I get a lot of email for other people with my name.

Like LOTS of it.

I mean, enough that it has to be directed to at least 25 different people with my name. This is a constant source of entertainment, and I occasionally like to share on this blog. I’ve previously posted about it here.  I almost think I should try and get national recognition and track down all the intended email recipients and bring us together on Oprah or something.  That could be my 15 minutes of fame.  Just a thought.....

Upon receiving such email in error, I usually respond to the originator politely, like ‘Hey! You’ve reached the wrong person, wanted to let you know!” Most of the time I get nothing in response, sometimes I get an “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry” and on a rare occasion I’ll start a dialogue with strangers on the internet. Right up my alley.

Twice I’d have to make phone calls explaining this (mostly due to library cards and renewal notices).
Some recent emails of amusement:
  • She looks beeeautiful! Apparently I helped a youth pastor at Cornerstone Community church redecorate the youth room.

  • Bonnie wants to know if I’m becoming a real estate agent

  • Whitney sent me 5 pictures of her and her boo from her Picasa account, complete with the backwards cap and dreadlocks

  • I’m staying at the Four Seasons, Las Vegas soon! And I ordered a balloon bouquet with a message “Happy Birthday Stud!” and a Pink Pig Staff Animal attached.

  • Austin sent me some photos that he took on his first day of work as a newspaper staffer (see below)

  • Desiree is a little pissed at me: “I need to submit my other payroll numbers now. I waited to hear from you all day and have been hung up on, or disconnected, and have not got a return call from you so the best I can do now is assume on what you would like. I have also emailed you 3 times.”

  • I went to the Ravenscroft school.

  • I also went to the University of Georgia

  • The Kalamazoo MI public library has my email on file for one of their patrons. I get renewal notices. I had a lovely phone conversation with a woman at the circulation desk when I called.  She perfectly understood the situation and was able to get my email address out of their database.  Now, when the same thing happened with a DC public library, no disrespect to my former home, but I KNEW I'd have a problem.  Sho' 'nuff, when I called, the employee was confused beyond measure and had no idea what on earth she could do to help me cause she can't do nothin' cause I'm not the account holder.  

  • I signed up for Emerson Ecologics??

  • A dude named Buell Fogg from Union College is going to help me with the FAFSA.
  • Will thinks I’m an agent – see headshot below. We exchanged a few pleasantries. I told him I sent his headshot and resume to friends. I hope he thought that was funny.
  • Charles in DC emailed me the weekend plans for the wine tasting tour. Turns out he lives a couple blocks from my old place – we chatted briefly and he issued a real invitation for the weekend!

  • I’m also booked at a resort in Anguilla. Lovely place, lovely place.

  • Hello Daughter, The reason I need you to come back, well, let's just say that we (your mother) screwed up. Instead of just putting or keeping you myself and travis on the lease, she also signed tutor and the baby. (that you should have known) But she was still on kisha's lease as well. The management people informed kisha that as of 1/31/08 her rent was now 1,500. a month. You know kisha had a cow, (as she was supposed too). Long story short, a new lease has to be drafted and signed again. Dad


Erin said...

wow, that is awesome.

there is a todd goodsell who is a professor at BYU, so my spouse todd goodsell frequently receives his emails. a favorite was an email from someone wanting to set todd up with a friend ... took us a while to figure out it was for the single todd, NOT my husband.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that guy was kind of cute in a bland way. And uh, Dad's not having much success with his "Let's Forgive Mom" help group is he?

Ok, do I have your email wrong too??

nerak said...

Hilarious. Wowza. I mean, Karen Campbell is a pretty common name too but I don't get that kind of stuff!

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