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Coachella Day 3

Day 3 - Sunday!
The day you almost dread, because it's the last one, because you're the most tired, because you tried to save money and didn't book a hotel room that night, counting on the fact that you'd be able to maybe leave early and drive the three hours to home.
Except The Cure was closing. And you don't skip The Cure.
Liz and I got up at a decent hour that morning, checked outta the hotel, packed and gassed up the car and hurried back to Indio to arrive at the beginning of Day 3. It's a long, long way from the parking lot to the music. First, you walk through the dirt lot. Then you walk down the dirt path.
And you walk through the grass lot.
And then you walk through the dead grass field where the entrance lines start. And finally you get inside!
At this point you should know where my first stop is. Yes, yes, the Sahara dance tent to see Supermayer start it off with some green alien attacks. Kinda weird, but sometimes you get that with European electro…

Coachella Day 2

Day 2 - Saturday!

Liz had to drive back home that morning to get some clothes and things since she'd come straight from work the day before. I slept in our lovely dark motel room til 11ish or so.
Ida Maria had gotten the green light on my schedule, and she was on at 1:30. Except the next green light wasn't until 4, with Paolo Nutini. We decided to skip most of the afternoon in favor of some lunch in Palm Springs. We arrived at the Polo Fields around 5pm, in time to hear a tad of Michael Franti on the main stage as we made our way back to the ever amazing Sahara dance tent where Zane Lowe was breaking it down. I was so so so looking forward to Glasvegas at 6pm (and am bummed I missed them in Tuscon this past Saturday) but their singer got sick and they had to cancel. They're still on my must-see list, especially since they were nominated for a 2009 Mercury Prize Album of the Year.That gave us time to catch some of Calexico (which my notes say I need to have more of in…

Coachella Day 1

I've intended to cover Coachella for months, especially since it happened in April. It was easily one of the best weekends of my life. Three solid days of music in a beautiful setting - the 3rd time was truly the charm.
I had planned for months. I always research every single band on the lineup, making plenty of Excel spreadsheets. It takes me weeks to do this. First, a list of all bands, notes about the music if I don't already know it, and a numerical rating from 1-4 of who I need to see, with 1 being the top priority. There are some half numbers in there. Then I translate that into a color-coded schedule of priority as set times are announced and conflicts start to happen. I read reviews in music magazines and blogs to see who's up and coming and who can't be missed.
As a seasoned veteran by this point, I know how it works. I know that you can't see everyone on all five stages. I know that the days are long and you get tired and you need to rest and so…


Dear Santa Claus/Birthday Fairy,
My birthday is coming up somewhat soon. I know that I have already made plans to celebrate in a big way, by purchasing plane tickets and concert tickets to see Phoenix, Metric, Bon Iver, Snow Patrol and Jason Mraz over the course of a month in Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles.
Generally I would rather have fun experiences with friends than physical things as gifts. However, the new fall catalogs from J Crew and Crate and Barrel just arrived in my mailbox. And they are AMAZING!! Not to be greedy, but I kind of want most things in them.
I hate to have two brands define my life/personality/character/everything in my closet/house, but if I had to live out of these two stores for the rest of my life, I wouldn't mind. They are classics.
If you can deliver any of the things below, I promise to write you a really nice thank you note and wear/use them to the best of my ability. And if you're going to deliver anything from Crate and Barrel, can …

May Update #3

I am not a camper.

Since moving to AZ I have felt compelled to at least attempt to be an outdoorsy girl. I wanted to be social when people invited me to go hiking, hit the lake, go camping, etc.

Except I am not one of those people. I have tried. Hiking around here isn’t all that fun. It’s hot, it’s brown and there’s not much to look at other than rocks. I spend so much time looking at my feet, that even if there was something to see, I’d miss it.

As for camping, our Carpenter family reunions every other summer involved meeting up a campsite in the White Mountains of AZ to spend a weekend together. My family always traveled from Oklahoma to AZ, and we never wanted to haul any camping gear with us. My mom’s version of camping at the family reunion means calling the nearest Marriott property and booking a room. Worked for me then, works for me now.

Somehow I became a co-leader of a camping trip to Sedona on Memorial Day weekend. I figured I could handle one night (I could shower just before …