Thursday, November 11, 2010

California and Snow Patrol - Oct 2009

Life wouldn't be complete without multiple trips to Cali in a short period.  I visited Becca in HB for a day or so, then headed down to SD for yet another Snow Patrol.  I'm slightly obsessed with Gary Lightbody and company.  Plus, I got to drag Erin out of the house and take Kiersten to her very first concert!  Little did she know that less than a year later her first novel would make the NY Times Best Seller List!
I love the drive through Orange County.  I should spend more time in Laguna and such, despite its ruined reputation by MTV cameras, it is really a beautiful place.
Foggy!  I dig it.
No Snow Patrol concert would be complete without Liz, who came down from LA.  She had a fun blowout tire on the way home and we spent Sunday morning getting her repaired and good to go on the road.

I also got to see my favorite child!  He may have a rival in his new baby sister, but at this point in time, he was the clear favorite.
...and the long drive home through the sand dunes of Yuma, also filled with many people who got hit with the ugly stick many, many times on their fall to earth.  Sorry - that was mean.

Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes from L Dubbs on Vimeo.


Erin said...

love that you are finally blogging about your adventures. also love that i sound like a total loser -- "we got to get erin out of the house" -- hah. i *am* very glad i went though. i was just hesitant because the last concert i had gone to i hadn't gotten home till 2 a.m., and i was pregnant and couldn't handle the lateness!!!

LaurenHoya said...

I totally didn't mean for you to sound loser-y! I am sure if I am ever the pregnant one, I will never leave the house and will instead be napping and puking all the time. That was a fun night, I will have to scheme up another concert night for us!

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