Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall 2009 - Halloween and State Fair

I don't think Halloween and I ever really got along well, but when presented with the opportunity to join a group of people already in the spirit and have a costume made for me - hey, why not?  All I had to do was buy the game of Twister - on sale at Target.  I like outsourcing.

 The party was actually one of the better ones I've attended, and the creepy food was pretty fantastic.  I don't think I have the patience to make those fingers with almond nails to dip into a bloody fountain, but I admire the work!

 Selica's chola gig was amazing - she had a neck tatt and all!  Grossly awesome.

Also around that time - the annual pilgrimage to the AZ State Fair.  I assure you there's no better mix of people-watching.  My girl crush Kelly Clarkson performed and no way would I have missed her.  The girl was supa-dupa fun.  Kudos to the dudes who accompanied, for dealing with a night of female power.

 In family news, Grandpa K turned 80!   And Kristine left with her baby girl to go back home to Ecuador.

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