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Winter Fun in Phoenix

Despite any lack of love that I may have for Phoenix, it all seems to dissipate during the months of November through about February. Winter here is a cold-hater’s dream; though I do miss only getting to wear my favorite Spanish leather jacket about 5 times before it’s time to return it to the back of the closet.

One event that I hate to miss is the Phoenix Open, previously known as FBR, until Waste Management took over the sponsorship and now the complete name is really and truly the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Are we supposed to call it the Waste for short?

Whatever the name, it’s the rowdiest stop on the PGA tour.  If there’s one thing Scottsdale does well, it’s rowdy, which makes for a very fun day of people-watching, food and drink, and a little bit o’golf.

Work buddy and I usually figure out a way to score some corporate tickets (there are enough floating around) and take most of a Wednesday off to enjoy the Pro-Am. We park ourselves in the tents around the 16th-18th holes …

Olympic Fever! In Vancouver!

So I know it sucks for people to lose their jobs in these trying times, especially when it happens to a close friend, and for her that meant not only unemployment, but also losing a visa to the USA.  I was more than a little bummed to see her leave Phoenix,  but thankfully Karen fully embraces her Canadian heritage and was ready to go back for a time and settle in the best place - Vancouver!  Just in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics!  Like - just in time - a month before!

I had been wishy-washy about my President's Day weekend plans - to ski in Tahoe or not to ski?  My heart just wasn't in it.  I think Karen and I had talked about me coming to visit Van at some point, but didn't have any definite plans.  Then all of the sudden in late January we had a phone call and despite two other visitors in town for the Olympics, we decided that one more person could definitely fit in that tiny basement space that Karen and Emma shared and before I knew it I was Vancouver-bound!  Fli…

First Time for Everything, or How I Broke a Bone

My dear friend Kari grew up in Northern Arizona and always invites me on her frequent trips up that way.  Kari and I have known each other since our DC days; she moved back to AZ a couple years before I did, and we've become close friends now that we're out west.  She's definitely an outdoorsy girl - hiking, hitting the lake, winter sports, etc.  I'm just not. outdoorsy.  Though I try for the sake of being social and hoping that some of nature will rub off on me.

It never snows in the Valley, though the area around Kari's sister's house up north got hit with lots of snow last January/February.  Of course we had to take Kari's nephew up to the snow and enjoy a change of scenery.  Yes, it's nice that it's sunny ever single day in PHX, but I decided to join for a chance of pace (and temperature for which I am ill-equipped).
We bought sleds at Walgreen's on the way up - some colored plastic for cheap.  Soon we turned off the main road, 4-wheel drive…

A California January

After our Vegas trip, C-squared and I decided to go to Cali for New Years with his two best friends, Aaron and Erin (who are cutely married to each other - and since C-squared and I are no longer, I do miss hanging out with A and E).  I have many friends in Huntington Beach, they have a good friend in HB (conveniently living around the block from my closest friend here), so New Years Eve shaped up to be okay.

Tim and I had let the tradition of traveling abroad over NYE slowly pass away.  There was Paris/London.  Our cheap Caribbean adventure.  Belize and Guatemala.  Mi pais, Espana.  And nothing this year, since we now live on opposite sides of the country.  I'm sure we will resume at one point, at least I sure hope so.

Anyway, back to the California roadtrip.  We drove out one afternoon to spend the weekend at the beach, which is always okay with me.  New Years always has me feeling obligated to go out and do something big.  And maybe I felt like doing that, but with C-squared s…