Thursday, January 26, 2012

Phoenix Weekend

Back to Phoenix for the weekend recap.

Grandma was going to make taco soup cause I always eat tons of it when I'm there, but Grandpa took her out to dinner Friday night, so I hit the Taqueria.
I tried to take a little nap after dinner to prepare for a night out, but I was too excited.  

I was about to see my favorite DJs in the whole wide world.  Yes, Above & Beyond came back to Scottsdale.  I have no idea where I picked up my love of trance, but I am slightly obsessed.  I listen to their podcast every week, follow their record label and try to see them whenever I can.  If you don't understand this, it's okay.  Just watch the video for a little slice of the energy and happiness it brings to millions of people around the globe.  

Luckily, Chris gets this obsession.  We met at an Above & Beyond show a couple years ago and decided that since none of our friends are into dancing all night to the best music ever, that we should become friends and see DJs together.  Our friendship still thrives.  Reunited!  Bonus points to the white boy who can dance. 
He snagged us VIP tickets so we didn't have to deal with the riffraff.  And we danced and danced and danced, until 2am or so.  Totally worth braving the Scottsdale club scene.  Ick.  Though the people watching is stellar.  

Saturday morning I planned to swing by Chantal and Meg's again for brunch and thrift shopping on my way out of town.  Except after staying out all night, I wasn't really alert enough to drive 6 hours home. Oh, signs of aging.  I can't stay out all night anymore.

They didn't have to try too hard to get me to stay another night, especially since it meant more time with them.  I wish they'd both move to LA.  

Brunch at Breakfast Club.  The best french toast ever.  

Then we hit Goodwill.  I need to learn to shop at these stores.  There are some treasures to find.  Like tapes from Oasis.  Still one of the best albums ever made.  
Chantal and I found some books that might help us navigate the muddy waters of dating and marriage and religion. 

Since I was in town for another meal, we tried to get back to Windsor, cause the brown bag chicken sandwich always calls my name.  An hour wait however, led us down the road to Hula's.
But then back to Churn for dessert.  Cause it's awesome.

I went with the classic choice: Madagascar vanilla ice cream, pretzel cone, salted caramel on top.  
After another night in bed with Chantal, watching Downton Abbey, I was rested and ready to get back to Cali.  Ugh, driving.  

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Chantal said...

I love everything about this. And I'm thinking yeah, one of us needs to move...

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