Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Resolution of Sorts

I think I'm resolving not to globe-trot so much this year.  I've done eight countries on four continents in two years.  That's pretty solid, right?  Especially after setting a goal awhile ago to do one new country per year.

There is London 2012 and my 10-year reunion of Salamanca Dos Mil Dos Epic Party Crew in Spain happening.  But I don't want to commit right now.  I think I should work on growing some roots.  Somewhere.  And spending less money.

I am committing to three Phoenix trips and one East Coast trip.  But that's it (I say, as we're only a couple weeks into the new year).  And maybe a work trip back to Mexico City (fingers crossed I get to go on someone else's dime).

But here's my top ten, for whenever I get around to it (in order):
1) Argentina/Chile/Brazil
2) Baltics - Riga, Tallin, St Petersburg
3) South Africa/Namibia
4) Tanzania/Zanzibar/Uganda
5) Iceland - Northern Lights
6) Oman
7) New Zealand - South Island
8) Montreal/Quebec
9) Israel/Jordan
10) Iran

Honorable mentions:
Australia - Perth/Cairns/Melbourne

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