Friday, January 06, 2012

And Welcome Back...

Hello, 2012!

I suppose I feel a sense of renewal and fresh start and all that, but after traveling for 3 weeks, I'm pretty much overwhelmed at what 'getting back to real life' is going to entail.

I'd rather go to Disneyland tonight.  Instead, I'm making the responsible choice.

Maybe this is why I'm always in a funk in January?

I have about 3 suitcases worth of clothing to unpack.  Thankfully most of it's clean since I hijack friends' washing machines whenever I have the chance.  Seven months in my place and I've only had to succumb to the quarters laundry system twice.

I want to deep clean my bathroom (my mom probably just fell over).

I have mail and bills to sort through.

I need to finish my 'best of' music mix.  Friends are starting to think I've left them off the distribution list.  Nope! Just haven't had time.  It's becoming irrelevant the longer I wait.

I have ZERO food in my kitchen.  And after cooking delicious things with Tim last week in Mexico, I want to start recipe planning and cooking deliciousness a few times a week.  I need some new kitchen appliances.  I hear Macy's has a sale on Saturday?

I need to get back in the work groove.  Emails and projects are piling up!

No more clothes shopping for awhile - it's closet clean out time.

And probably right when I get back into the LA groove, I'm gonna go to Phoenix.  See you soon, Megs and Chantal.  And Katilda.  And King.  And Josh (I'm finally getting in iPhone - let's do a tutoral). And roommate.  And you, too, Emily!  

And if I'm going back to PHX, I need to schedule a hair cut and a teeth cleaning, cause I still haven't searched for good ones in LA.  That's the pain of moving.

I've got two or three draft blog posts from 2011 that I should finish.

Apparently I need to start watching Downtown Abbey?  I've got a full DVR to clean up, too.

All that, and I'm gonna go edit my Mexico photos (I managed to take 1000.  Eeeek).

Apologies in advance if I'm a hermit this month.


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