Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Cars Land!

Cars Land opened at DCA this summer and I avoided the crowds for as long as I could.  Surely by November it wouldn't be so crazy?  Time to go!  As we speak, I'm there again...

The whole entrance to the park is great.

Carthay Circle - fantastic looking restaurant - I'll have to eat there next time.

To the main attractions, down Route 66!

We had to kill some time waiting for a couple people, so I finally toured the sourdough factory.  I love carbs.

To the big ride - Radiator Springs.  I'd heard the lines were horrific.  Sure enough, the main line was 90 minutes or so.  People - get in the single rider line!  Or please don't.  It was 20 minutes, max.  And we all ended up going at the same time.

Life-sized air hockey!

This ride is even prettier at night.  It really does transport you to another land.

This ride is so good, we tried to go back after dinner.  And lucky for us, the single rider line that had briefly closed, was opening up again right as we walked up.  Five minute wait, people, five minute wait.

Definitely a job well done.  DCA and Disneyland, I'll see you at least two days this week, maybe three!

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