Thursday, December 06, 2012

Welcome, November.

Can you tell I'm out of original titles for blog posts?  Yeah...not so good with that.

November was a pretty stellar month with lots of good meals. Started off one night at Plan Check, which had been saved to my Foursquare bucket list.  After a service auction, a couple people rounded up for a late night meal.  

I think Nathan and I ordered a little bit of everything, and when more people joined the table, we sampled from their plates, too.  That smokey fried chicken was great.  Pickles, the burger special, waffles fries, etc, all well done.

Good friend Scott from high school left his NYC abode to work/act on a cruise ship for several months, and for his last week in town (actually more like 4 hours in Long Beach), I drove down for a quick brunch to catch up. I picked him up at this Seafarers' Center.

Then I rushed home to greet X10 who was staying at my house for the night, after being in town for a funeral that we had both attended the day before.  Sad reason to meet up, but I'm glad I got to see him.  We hit Malibu shores for that night's sunset.

This year at work I've done a lot with online shopping, and as you can see, it has affected my personal life (and my bank account).  Online is sooo much easier, especially with LA traffic.  I think I'm a convert.  

I voted!  At a synagogue!  Yay democracy and America!

Election party drinks - gotta keep it neutral.

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