Friday, December 07, 2012

Off to the Common Inbox!

Remember how I have a common name and snagged that common name on Gmail and how I get a lot of email intended for other people with that same name?

Usually I write back and say - hey, you've got the wrong Lauren, hope you find the right one! and then sometimes I point them to my blog links that show that plenty of other people have done the same thing.

Well, one of those mistaken email senders told their intended recipient Lauren about my blog posts, and she wrote to me a few weeks ago, curious to read about it.  Funny!  We may actually meet up soon, since the intended recipient Lauren and the mistaken sender actually live near me.  When schedules allow, I wanna make that happen.

I realized that it's been over a year since I updated these types of posts, so let's dig through the inbox for some gems, shall we?  Here are previous posts, to refresh your memory:

Part I -
Part II -
Part III -
Part IV -

My car is in pieces somewhere in a repair shop.

Apparently I have a South African lover?

I'm a crazy coupon lady!!

I'm trying to get rid of my apartment.

I'm going to Hawaii this month!!

I don't even know what this means.....but the sender's email address is cracking me up.  

I want to teach kindergarten!

I got a meeting invite to interview for a job.

My dad has a new email address.

Back to my car being in pieces, I guess I had a good enough wreck and my license is going to be suspended!

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