Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

  • Pairs of shoes purchased: 5 (2 pairs of boots, purple suede flats, red driving shoes, and a pair for my Halloween costume)
  • Visits to 800 Degrees: at least 15
  • Voting propositions studied: 13
  • Afterparties crasehd/comedians met: 1 (Demtri Martin)
  • Most proud moment: March Madness Facebook ballot ranked #14 in the whole country
  • Netflix movies I liked: Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Monsieur Lazhar, First Position, Lemon Tree, Footnote, Katy Perry, The Queen of Versailles
  • Theater movies I liked: Moonrise Kingdom, Argo, Skyfall, The Dark Knight Rises
  • Concerts: 36 (why does that seem so low?!)
  • Races signed up for: 1
  • Countries visited: 4 (Mexico, UK, France, Italy)
  • Trips to Phoenix: 6
  • Nights camping: 1 (my annual quota)
  • Books: My list says 11 (that also seems low).
  • Times I read the Book of Mormon: 1
  • Magazines subscriptions: 6
  • Friends added on Facebook: 67
  • New things tried: Polo, abalone porridge, turning off all electronics at 1030pm 
  • Boys kissed: 2.5
  • Boys I didn't kiss that I should've: 2 (maybe)
  • Photos taken: 10,676
  • Trips to Disneyland: 13 (I think)
  • Blog posts written: 195
  • Trips to Utah: 3
  • Easter Eggs found: 13
  • Computers broken: 1
  • New Years Resolutions made: 3 (more on that later)
2012, you were pretty good.  2013, I think you might be good. Great, even.

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Lex said...

how do you kiss a half a boy?

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