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Life According to My iPhone

I'm really busy.  Here are some photos instead of words.

 Cafe 50s
 Scenes from a neighborhood run.

 Grocery shopping

 Afternoon beach run.
 Dinner.  Too many options.




LA Eats This Week

All I did last week in Phoenix was eat. I came back to LA and started the week off by lots of eating again.

First up, Bryndee and the gang from NYC were in LA on Monday morning, so we hit an LA classic - The Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood.  Even on a rainy Monday morning, the place was packed.  Soon, our stomachs would be packed full of dessertish breakfast dishes.  Way. Too. Sweet.  Says the girl with the sweet tooth.

Order of red velvet pancakes for the table.  With cream cheese frosting, it tastes just like a regular dessert.  Even 6 of us couldn't make a dent.
Thankfully the waiter told me I could order a single pancake for my own dish - the Bluesberry, topped with blueberry sour cream and powdered sugar.  I think Rustin ordered The Golden Ticket - pancakes filled with banana, streusel, walnuts and caramel, and topped with whipped cream and more caramel and streusel.  He had three bites and he was done.  Ugh, my stomach hurt just looking at it.  This place is delicious, but …

Phoenix Weekend

Back to Phoenix for the weekend recap.

Grandma was going to make taco soup cause I always eat tons of it when I'm there, but Grandpa took her out to dinner Friday night, so I hit the Taqueria.
I tried to take a little nap after dinner to prepare for a night out, but I was too excited.  
I was about to see my favorite DJs in the whole wide world.  Yes, Above & Beyond came back to Scottsdale.  I have no idea where I picked up my love of trance, but I am slightly obsessed.  I listen to their podcast every week, follow their record label and try to see them whenever I can.  If you don't understand this, it's okay.  Just watch the video for a little slice of the energy and happiness it brings to millions of people around the globe.  
Luckily, Chris gets this obsession.  We met at an Above & Beyond show a couple years ago and decided that since none of our friends are into dancing all night to the best music ever, that we should become friends and see DJs together.  Our…

I Made LAist

Good thing I took that afternoon run yesterday with camera in hand.

Game Time!

Like colors?
Want to kill some time?

Go match some colors.

Phoenix Week

I spent all of last week in Phoenix; it's been four months since I was there.  I decided that optimal time to check back into the office is about two months, so I'm going back in March (for a food festival and Radiohead) and in May for my cousin's wedding.  Oh, yeah, and to go into the office.

I feel like all I did was eat last week.  Nearly every lunch or every dinner was scheduled somewhere with someone.  Not that I'm complaining - I miss people and restaurants.

I started the drive on a Saturday afternoon after meeting a high school student in downtown LA and grilling her about why she wants to attend my alma mater.  Just kidding - I'm nice.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  I was either catching up on This American Life or dancing to TATW.
I pulled up to Chantal and Meg's place and pretty much headed back out immediately to Postino with them. It turned into a night of bruschetta by candlelight and some ridiculously awesome quotes.  Quick stop at the gh…