Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Rest of February and into March...

Man, let's get caught up on this blog thing. Where can I abbreviate?

After finishing Ragnar on that last Saturday in February I had to drive to UT on Sunday. Whose genius idea was that? Mine, I guess. So tired, but I made it back to the snow.

Back to this cute little chubster face.

Since my CA lease was up at the end of March, I figured I could start looking for a place in SLC. Fortunately a friend in CA had moved into my place for a bit and paid a little rent, but I certainly didn't want to be paying rent in two places. Living with my brother was great, but I was ready for my own place and to be closer to work.  The first place I found on KSL looked awesome, so I called and left a message.

I went to see the condo one night, and to my surprise someone else came to see it that night. She'd been looking for awhile and didn't have any luck. I was worried about this competition! Maybe it'd take longer than I expected to find a place. The landlord also mentioned someone else was interested and had offered to sign a 2-year lease. Eeeek. I really, really liked this spot, but thankfully right after I left (and was off to see another place), the landlord called and told me it was mine if I wanted it. I guess doing an application early helped!

Time to start furniture shopping! I'd sold off most things, and I was ready for a fresh start. All new stuff, especially a new sofa. I went everywhere in Utah to find one, and let's just say the local style isn't quite to my taste. Thank goodness for West Elm and Crate & Barrel,

This Lounge sofa at Crate was the absolute most comfortable and wonderful sofa I sat on. For a few weeks, I'd go by once a week to test it out, just to make sure it was worth spending that much money. I couldn't find anything else even remotely close to what I wanted, so I took the splurge.

 Within a couple weeks I had a couch on order, new bowls, Utah plates and driver's license, and a signed lease.

I'd miss getting this little one out of bed in the morning.

Last Friday in February, back to LA for the weekend to throw roommate Haleigh a bridal shower!

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