Monday, October 27, 2014

LA in Early March

Forty eight hours in LA - landed Friday night and ran to Party City to grab some things for Haleigh's bridal shower the next morning. I think she had a good time....

Dumb bridal shower games? Check.

Bridal shower appropriate food? Check.

Good group of ladies? Check.

Asking the groom questions in advance and having the bride guess what he said? Check. This was definitely the funnest part. She did pretty well!

The bride and hostesses. It all came together somehow.

I spent the rest of the weekend selling off more of my things. Adios, old couch. It went to a nice family with small kids.

Brigham was in town and we had Chinese with Colin in San Gabriel, then dessert at Twohey's where Trevor met us. I remember that night being a bit of a mess.

I played the organ one last time in Westwood 1st Ward. Sad day.

Then time to drive to the airport and head back to Utah. LA is so pretty after rain.

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