Friday, January 09, 2015

Camping with Girls

In my new SLC ward, I got asked if I would help prepare for and attend a summer camp with the Young Women's group for a few days in July.

If you know me at all, you probably know I'm not really into camping. And the last time that I attended a YW camp was summer of 1997 or so, and there was a tornado and a big storm, and my tent door got left open as we rushed off in a panic for shelter, and everything I had got soaked, and even though my mom came to the camp the next day to visit, she wouldn't take me home even one day early. I was so mad. Haven't been back to camp since :)

But this time I was excited to help and get to know the girls in my ward. So...I said yes, and started to help. I missed a couple of the pre-camp meetings since I was in Peru, but I was there for most everything else.

Packing up the van.

Bit of a super heroine theme through the camp. 

We were out in the middle of nowhere, but the food was excellent. We made cotton candy one day. 

The girls had to come up with a skit and perform it, and it was the best one of the night.

I'm glad I missed the hiking day (I was still at work) because it was a walk up a hill with no trail, looked pretty steep, but they managed to plant this flag way up there.

The older girls had to teach first aid.

First aid came in handy later when one of them found a tick. Ewh.

The best night was the last night - the bishopric and wives came up, and we had a great dinner and enjoyed sitting around the campfire.

Up against a pregnant lady for a musical chairs kinda game. I'm pretty sure the pregnant lady won.

And pranks. Lots of pranks. Including running a chair up the flagpole and stealing the camp director's cowbell.

Paper plate award for me!

Bonnie and I shared an air mattress. I was kinda up on a slope and was afraid I'd roll onto her pregnant belly!

This was a pretty fun few days, and I'm glad I'm back in YW on a regular basis.

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