Sunday, January 11, 2015

Oceanside in August

We had a family gathering in Oceanside, CA in August. My grandparents have had a timeshare there for close to 30 years, and I remember several childhood summers there.  It's been ages since my immediate family has gone, so we made an effort this year.

I flew into San Diego on Sunday morning (thank you, Alaska Airlines, for a new route and cheap flights), and Mom, Dad, and Tanner were there to pick me up.  We grabbed some breakfast downtown, then went over to see the Mormon Battalion site. I'd been there before, but no one else had. We did the tour and saw some a journal from an ancestor.

Up to Oceanside. The Top Gun house is a block down the street from Grandparents' place, and it is not what it used to be. Boarded up, and someone decided to paint a mural on it. It's, that Tom?

We ventured out with the whole gang (grandparents, my fam, Karen, Becky, Spencer) to the harbor for some delicious fried food at Harbor Fish n Chips.

Yeah, I kinda miss those beach sunsets.

Another morning, another day at the beach. I was working a bit while here (it was early in the week), but I made plenty of time for this.

Guys - this makeup app is awesome. Doesn't Tanner look beautiful?

Tanner and I took a stroll through town one day.

Taylor and Courtney and Hallie flew in on Tuesday night.

It was Hallie's 1st birthday!

After baby went to bed, we had a sibling walk on the pier.

On Wednesday morning, while I had family and friends around, I went to the San Diego temple to receive my endowment. It was a special day, and I'm so glad that my family was there and that several LA friends drove down to be a part of it, and that Erin works so close and was able to join. I've got a lot of thoughts about the whole experience, but this blog is not the place for them. 

We had lunch nearby at Tender Greens, while Tanner got rushed to the airport to get back to OK.

I will eat figs anytime. I'm so glad I grew up to like them.

Mike's sister and nieces were in town, they came to lunch too.

After lunch we went to Seaport Village - one of mom's favorite places. That kite shop is still there.

And just like that, the day was over, and I was on a plane back to SLC.

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