Tuesday, January 06, 2015


I'm still hoping to catch up on the end of 2014 through writing and scheduling blog posts, but might as well try and stay current, too.

So it's 2015 - how am I feeling?!

Dizzy. Nauseous. Light-headed.

I woke up Saturday morning, swung myself outta bed, walked into the bathroom, and realized I was really dizzy. I recall making a huge list of things I wanted to get done around the house that day, but I did nothing, because every time I stood up, I got dizzy and needed to lie down again (Am I using the lay/lie correctly here?).

Eventually in the early evening I'd had enough of that (cause I was off work most of last week and did nothing but lay in bed and it was glorious), so I got up to clean. And right back down on the couch I went. I needed to get some groceries and motion sickness medicine at this point, but I was too scared to drive. I texted Sergio, and thankfully he was around to help me. I was going to have him drive me to the store, but when he arrived, I felt so sick that I sent him on the way with a short list.

He returned with Pepto and Dramamine and those motion sickness bands, and then I promptly locked myself in the bathoom and threw up. I haven't puked since May 2004 (in Paul's apartment at Ballston, where I stayed the night since I couldn't get on the Metro and get home alone) and  before that it was April 1994, after eating roast beef sandwiches that sat in the car during the first half of General Conference. It all came up at lunch at Mazzio's the next day).

I felt much better after barfing, and Sergio made me a cup of rice to eat.

Sunday wasn't much better, and after lounging in bed again all day and only eating a bowl of rice, I decided it was time to see the doctor. There's an urgent care only three blocks from my house, and I was going to walk, but Sergio came over and drove me there. The clinic was empty, and I got right in.

The doc said right away - someone's not moving her head too much! Did you Google it? What do you have?

Of course I had Googled. Vertigo, I said. Specifically BPPV.

Well then, let's do a test. And I followed his finger with my eye and he watched my eye movement to confirm and boom - left ear. Crystals out of place. Classic case, he said.

Doc gave me a prescription to help calm things down and make me feel not so sick, though it makes me very sleepy. Sergio and I found the 24-hour Walgreens which was slammed at 6pm on Sunday night. I wasn't feeling well after standing and waiting, and I threw up again when I got home, but I am finally feeling better.

It's Tuesday, and I'll go back to work tomorrow, hooray. I'm still a tad dizzy, and I'm careful about how I move, and my brain just feels like it's moving more slowly, but I'm hoping in a day or two I'll be fully recovered. I've got workouts to get to and a Ragnar to train for and dancing to do!

Also, tonight I finished this stupid headband. Next time, remind me to just pay someone to do it for me.
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